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Aaron's 80 minute family-friendly illusion show filmed at various locations around the U.S.  Features many of Aaron's signature creations and a few of the classics in the world of magic.

Learn how to perform simple magic effects with common household items.  Aaron will guide you step-by-step in learning some mind blowing magic with objects you find around the house.

Behind the scenes footage of load-in and load-out on various illusion show performances.  

Price $20.00 (price is US dollars and includes taxes and shipping within the United States)

Written and created by Aaron Radatz, this hard cover book contains 24 color pages about the story of a real dog with an unreal tongue.

The Adventures of Dingo the Dog teaches you that no matter what life deals you, enjoy the journey as you never know what's on the next page.

This book celebrates inviting a rescue pet into your home.  A portion of the proceeds from every book sale benefit The Humane Society.

Price $25.00 (price is US dollars and includes taxes and shipping within the United States)